Slot Machine Tips the Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Slot Tips Slot Tips

If you’re looking to break the hoodoo that hangs over your gaming, then welcome to our slot machine tips that will help you achieve better success from the hundreds of games which are available from the best casinos in Canada. Note: Follow step by step, have some patience and don’t get too greedy with the free slot money!

Step One: How to win at slots

There is indeed a formula for winning online casino games inside the top Canadian casinos online. The strategy of slots is a simple process to undertake. There are a few things you are required to have at this stage to learn.

1. Access to demo games to practice on

2. Patience and willingness to learn

3. A grasp of the rules.

Once you have acquired these things, you will be able to begin learning our slot machine strategies and be in a position to increase your wins ratio over your losses with immediate effect.

Step Two: Simple and easy casino slots tips

The first tip is knowledge, never play a game, especially bet on one, without having prior knowledge of the rules. Simple tips for winning at slots, but you’d be amazed how many players are led by curiosity and a lack of patience. Why learn through your money and at a cost, when you can try the games for a few minutes beforehand.

By accessing the free demo games, you have the key to unlock the fortunes contained within the casinos online. The demo games are important because they will be the ones used by the casinos you can join. Do not practice from free mobile app games, these are not made by software developers licensed to the Canadian casino you are going to join later on.

When faced with the demo machines, first practice a number of variations to your way of playing. The point of this exercise is to experiment and here is what you need to engage in;

1. Test through a series of 20 spins each the different wagering levels to determine which one offers the most frequent wins.

2. Now, through a series of 20 spins, test the best wager amount with different numbers of paylines, so you are able to determine how to set up that game to yield the more profitable results.

Now that you have deciphered the perfect way to bet from the game, take this knowledge into the casino and play for real money.

Step Three: Professional strategies for playing slot machines

The more ‘technical’ of slot tips requires players to have discipline. Online casinos are built with a management tool that record every single thing with regards to what a player plays, spend, wins and much more. The management tool is synced to the algorithms of the slot machine, meaning it knows before you even play, if you will win or not.

The trick is to make the tool think you’re a new player, why? Beginner’s luck, right? Well, new beginners have no data against them, so they always win.

Steps to follow:

1. After every big win or win from a bonus feature. Cash-out and move onto a new game, repeating the process.

2. When you are done playing cash out your balance, sign out, delete your browser history, clear your cache and uninstall the app.

3. Wait 30 days before you play again, the casino will have cleaned its own data servers and when you reinstall your app, the management tool will have a clear data history. Play and repeat step 1.

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