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Indian Casino Games Indian Casino Games

Having guided you through the option of free slot gameplay, we now turn our attention towards a very special selection of casino games. For those based in India or looking to play with your rupee currency from other countries, we have a review that presents Indian money games online. We are introducing you to Traditional online casino games that are found in India and India alone!

From Teen Patti casino features to special Andar Bahar gaming, you will learn all there is to know about Indian Casino Games.

From this review, you will know how to play play Teen Patti online, where to play it and what you can win. This goes for all the traditional Indian casino games found online inside the best Indian casinos on the world wide web.

Traditional casino games

When you think of traditional casino games, the mind immediately conjures up images of plush green tables upon which games of blackjack and poker are played. You also have the iconic games of roulette and craps amongst the varied options. These are indeed your classics which helped to forge an almighty industry going over a century back in time.

These are not the only casino games to exist in terms of traditional money games online. With the deployment of online casinos across the world, traditional features have been picked up to suit the traditions of the country. For players in India, online casino games like Andar Bahar and the Teen Patti game are common sights that wouldn’t otherwise appear inside of online casinos whose markets were based outside of the India borders.

Teen Patti online

The most popular traditional Indian casino game online is that of the Teen Patti game. This game was originally developed from the game of poker. As with many classic traditional casino games, there are two different ways of playing the game of Teen Patti inside of an online casino. One option is to play Teen Patti as a digital variant and the other as a live casino feature, more on this later.

With virtual Teen Patti, the game plays like other online casino games, whereby the action takes place on a virtual-like table, and gaming is automated by the computer. Games in this form also tend to be supplied to players as free games which can be streamed via the player’s web browser or downloaded. You can, for example, Download Teen Patti Gold and play the feature from any device including your mobile.

Free games are the same as money games online, just minus the payout part. They are the same features as found within real money casinos and provide players with the perfect tools to learn how to play.

Live Teen Patti

One of the more popular forms of the Teen Patti game is live Teen Patti. Live gaming is part of the live streaming service online casinos provide. These are real money games, played with real casino equipment, all played in real-time.

Live gaming is an immersive experience that allows players to interact with the live dealer, you can chat with them and other players. Dealers will also be able to speak Hindi or English.

The option of playing live allows you to experience some of the variations of online Teen Patti that exist, such as 3 Patti, which is one of the variants of the traditional Teen Patti card game.

Teen Patti variations

As will all casino games, Teen Patti has its own form of variation. These are games that have slight alterations to the original gaming rules. As with roulette, you have French roulette, American roulette and European roulette. These are just three of the 20 or so that exist online. The same is with Teen Patti online, there are a number of Teen Patti variations to play and pick from.

The best Teen Patti variations found online inside India’s best online casino sites:

• Old Sequence

• 369 and One-Eyed Jack

• High-Low

• The Ol’ Card on the Forehead

• Red and Black

• Folding Joker

• Sudden Death

3 Patti

Play Teen Patti for free

Earlier we touched on the idea of playing free Teen Patti. So, in what ways is this possible? Well, there are two ways that Teen Patti online can be accessed for free.

Online Teen Patti is available for free through demo gaming and through online casino bonuses. This means there are two forms of free gaming. One for fun, the other for real money.

Teen Patti for online fun only can be found online inside of reputable sites or downloaded from mobile gaming stores online.

If you choose the latter option, please note that these gaming variants are not used by online casinos. So, if you are looking to learn to play Teen Patti online for free in hopes of getting an advantage within the Indian casinos, then we advise you to avoid mobile app gaming and to use official casino demos.

Andar Bahar

An alternative amongst the traditional Indian gaming online is Andar Bahar. This popular rupees game, like Teen Patti online, is available as a digital game and one that is accessible within the live casino domain.

For those new to Andar Bahar, this is a game so basic that you’d question if this is really a casino game you can bet on.

Basically, you have two betting areas, inside and outside. Before the game starts, the dealer will draw the gaming card. You now must bet which pile the matching card will land in as all other cards drawn are placed in alternate order between the inside and outside pile. Guess the right pile the matching card lands in and you win, it is that simple.

Jhandi Munda

Another traditional Indian game is Jhandi Munda. However, this has not yet made it into online casinos. If you wanted a different option to Teen Patti online and Andar Bahar, then this would be it. Till it is added to the rest of the online casino games menu, Teen Patti and Andar Bahar will have to do.

Jhandi Munda is a board and dice game. Each dice holds symbols of diamonds, heart, flag, club, spade, and a face. The game is played and won by correctly guessing what symbol the dice will land on when rolled. Comparable to craps but less complex. Should it appear online inside a casino, it’s guaranteed to be trialled as a digital game first before introduced as a live Jhandi Munda variant.

Online lottery in India

For a completely different gaming opportunity to conventional casino games, then players joining Indian casinos online can access Lottery online cash games. Yes, you don’t need to play Teen Patti in order to win big. You can access massive jackpot real money games with access to the Indian lottery and all other lotteries around the world from Europe to America. The scale of real money games in India is ever expanding.

If you wish to play lottery games, you have national and international lotteries that are found within the sporting bets platform, under the category of lotto. Alternatively, you can easily access scratch card games from basic menu lists, often headed as ‘other’ games.

Casino games in India

If you are a first time player venturing into the realms of online gambling, then we present you with a few facts regarding online cash games and your legal right to play them.

When it comes to accessing real money games it is 100% legal to do so online. Inside the Indian Gambling Act of 1867, it only prohibits the advertisement of online casinos. Players are still legally able to access the sites to join and play.

All the casinos found online are legal because they are deemed offshore sites. By being online, they are registered outside of the Indian borders, thus, compliant with the gambling laws inside India. Don’t worry, the casino games will still allow you to play with the Indian rupee currency.

The real money games in India will provide you with ample opportunities to win rand back into your account. You will have access to a myriad of games including live sports betting. This means you can access live cricket from the Indian Premier League and all international cricket games. You can also place in-play bets whilst watching the live streams of the cricket along with all other sporting options from Football to Tennis.

All the best Indian casinos online will provide for all your traditional casino gaming needs, all your traditional Indian gaming needs and everything that falls in between that will help you to win real money from gaming online.

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